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Padfoot Prohibited - padwormoonprong

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June 28th, 2004

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06:45 pm - Padfoot Prohibited

Here it is Wormy....

Books » Harry Potter » Padfoot Prohibited text size: (+) : (-)
Author: Liveley
PG-13 - English - Humor/General - Reviews: 131 - Published: 04-19-04 - Updated: 06-28-04

If I get sued it's your fault.

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Date:July 19th, 2004 07:18 pm (UTC)

Re: Chapter 8 ~ Diarrhea Of the Mouth

"Snape had the purple, Sirius had a blue, and I had this one. Blue and red make purple, get it?"

"Thanks for the tip," Remus replied dryly. "So, if Snape takes the purple one and you idiots eat the other two, you can control what he's saying?"

"Pretty much. What we think, he's forced to say out loud."

"So if you ever wanna get a girl, mate, I got your back," said Sirius, winking at Remus.

Remus snorted. "I'm already visualizing the spellotape over your mouth."

"Doesn't matter, I only have to think it, remember?" replied Sirius.

"So how come Snape had no idea what he was saying?"

"That was my idea," said Sirius proudly. "We put a Confundus charm on the candy mix before it hardened. Snape was in a sort of daze. He had no idea what was going on around him until both James and I took the candy out of our mouths."

"Well, in the future, you might want to make them say things about someone other than yourselves so I don't get kicked out of class all the time," Remus said.

"Yeah, didn't think about that," laughed Sirius. "It was worth it, though. Besides, we have a date with Dumbledore anyway, to talk about our detention from last night."

"Ah, yet another escapade that was entirely not my fault that I got in trouble for," said Remus, sarcastically, although he was smiling now.
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Date:July 19th, 2004 07:19 pm (UTC)

Re: Chapter 8 ~ Diarrhea Of the Mouth

When the three of them returned to the common room, they saw that potions class had already been dismissed. Lily was waiting for James with her hands on her hips and her right foot patting the floor irritably. She swooped down on James as he climbed through the Fat Lady portrait.

"James Potter, what did you do? How could you get sent to Professor Dumbledore's office when we already have a detention from him?"

Sirius rolled his eyes and quickly dodged Lily's gaze, retreating to a table in the corner. Remus and Peter (who had just come from Herbology) followed him.

"Well, it's about time I did my homework." He unfolded his essay and began scribbling immediately:

34 - Not allowed to send Howlers to myself.

35 - Not allowed to start a betting pool as to when Severus Snape will ever take a bath.

36 - Not allowed to make love to any Hogwarts statues.

37 - Not allowed to give Snape candy and then use it to take over his brain and make him say incriminating things.

After allowing Remus and Peter to read "his masterpiece" Sirius folded it and lovingly placed it safely back inside his robes. James and Lily were still going at it. Sirius rolled his eyes.

"See, that's why I never stay with a girl for more than a few weeks," proclaimed Sirius. "They act like they're your mother, and it's bad enough to have one mother, you see what I'm saying?"

Remus now rolled his eyes while Peter laughed.

"You're saying you don't want someone going," Peter's voice changed into a high female-like one, "'Sirius Lee Black, how dare you give Snivelly a boob job?'"

Sirius smiled widely. "Exactly."

"Let me guess, you want her to worship the ground you walk on and praise you for every prank you pull?" asked Remus.

"Yeah. I'm really easy to get along with once all you people learn to worship me." He laughed, but then his expression turned sincere. "No, she's entitled to her own opinion, Moony. I just don't want her forcing her opinions onto me!"

"Well, all girls do that, don't they?" asked Peter.

Remus ignored Peter. "I can see your point, Padfoot, but I still think you're full of crap."

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